The Trailer Of Adnan Siddiqi And Sajjal Ali’s Debut Bollywood Film Mom Released On 3rd June

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Mom is the name of an upcoming Bollywood movie produced and directed by Boney Kapoor. It is the debut Bollywood film for two of famous Pakistani actors Sajjal Ali and Adnan Siddiqui. The title role in the movie is played by none other than Sri Devi, the other stars include Nawaz Uddin Siddique and Akshaya Khanna.

The trailer of the movies has been released which has attracted the attention of a lot of Sri Devi’s fans. The great Pakistani actor Adnan Siddiqui is playing the role of Sri Devi’s husband and Sajjal is her arrogant and careless daughter. It is a beautiful movie that is filled with suspense and drama. In the film, the relationship between Sri Devi and her teenage daughter is very delicate and needs a lot of efforts to strengthen. Sri Devi tries to make small efforts to get closer to her wild daughter. A serious incident separates the mother and daughter and Sri Devi has to choose between wrong and more wrong. After the breaking apart of mother and daughter is the entry of Nawazuddin and Akshaya. The acting of Sajjal Ali is very strong and has gained quite a lot of applause. There are a lot of intense scenes that Sajjal did with complete perfection especially the one in which Sajjal says to Sri Devi that she is not her daughter. Adnan Siddiqui looks very Handsome in the movie.


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