Sahir Lodhi Was Roasted By Fahad Mustafa In The Show Salam Zindagi

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The Fahad Mustafa most talented actor and the host in the Pakistan showbiz industry. He is also famous for his charming personality and the little humor. Nowadays you can see him on the channel ARY for his show Jeeto Pakistan. Due to this show he earns massive respect and name throughout the Pakistan even outside the country as well. Recent in the chit chat show that is done by Faisal Qureshi also a part of ARY channel and the name of the show is Salam Zindagi. He called the Fahad Mustafa as a guest and during his interview he asks a variety of question and Fahad gave the tremendous answers to all his questions.


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In one segment of this show there was a rapid fire round where he need to answer it on immediate basis. So, for all the questions that are quite funny like who have the most charming eyes in show biz and who can speak harshly without even realizing, etc.For all the questions Fahad Mustafa gave only one name and that is Sahir Lodhi.
The way he answers none of the person will say that he was saying it wrong and this is the most funny style through which Fahad had trolled the Sahir Lodhi and everyone who see that episode enjoy the each and every question and answer as the answer and the style shows that no one can compete the style of trolling the way Fahad Mustafa do.


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