Google Gave Tribute In The Honor Of Abdul Sattar Edhi

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Google has paid a tribute to the Pakistani angel of mercy also known as Abdul Sattar Edhi, after his death on his 98th birthday. Edhi was no less than a messiah for poor and had helped millions. Edhi was the founder of the biggest welfare organization in Pakistan called Edhi Foundation. Edhi passed away last year on july 8th after being sick for several months.
He was born on February 28 year 1928, under the British ruled Gujerat district but soon move to Karachi after the partition.


Picture Courtesy:google

After the he moved he realize how much poverty Pakistani people have and the lack of medicine and basic needs are causing many health casualties. Edhi made a promise to himself that he will help others, in 1951 Edhi foundation was made which is still up and running. Google gave this legend a tribute in his honor and the work he did for mankind.


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