Confession Video By RAW Agent Kulbushan Jadhave

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Almost a year ago a RAW agent Kulbhushan Jadhav was arrested by the Pakistani intelligence forces. He was sent to Pakistan to sabotage the peace process going on in the country. In a video interview the Indian agent confessed about everything he has been busy in since his arrival in Pakistan.
In the beginning of the interview he introduced himself as commander Kulbhushan Jadhav serving officer of Indian navy number 41558Z.He said that he was a part of technical staff of Indian navy and his code name was Hussein Mubarak Patel which I adopted to work for the Indian agencies. He joined national defense academy in 1987.In January 1991 he joined Indian Navy. He joined the navy as commissioned officer and served in the position till December 2001. After that Indian parliament was attacked and that was the time when he started spying for Indian Agencies. He was living in Mumbai at that time. Even at the time of his arrest he was serving as an officer of Indian Navy and his retirement was due in 2022. In 2002 after completing his 14 years of service he started working for intelligence agencies and set up a small business in Iran Chahbahar. In the year 2003 2004 he visited Karachi several times with his code name these visits were made to complete some basic tasks for RAW. By the end of 2013 he became the member or RAW, after which he has been busy in his acts of sabotaging the peace of the country especially in Karachi and Baluchistan. He was behind many incidents of unrest in Karachi. He is a subordinate of the join secretary of RAW Mr. Sunil Kumar who always stood connected with his people operating in Pakistan. His aim was to control the liberation groups of students of Baluchistan and he did complete his tasks of terrorism with the support of the liberation student federations. Doing these tasks he got to know that Raw was completely connected with the liberation student’s federations and not only Pakistan but the nearby areas are also affected.Kulbhusan confessed that the funding for terrorist activities in Baluchistan is done by RAW. He further confessed that all the activities done under his guidance were against Security Council and were performed to harm the people of Pakistan and make the country unstable.



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Every activity was based on the information that were provided about the installations at Jeevni, Gawader and Pasni .He said he worked hard to not only to harm the installation in and around Baluchistan but also to change the mind set of peaceful student federation to that of rebellious. He further said that after being arrested he wanted to get out of the trouble he had put himself in years ago so he revealed his true identity after which the Pakistani officials dealt with him courteously as long as he provided them with all the information they needed.


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