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Chairman Pakistan Super League Najam Sethi has talked about the presence of the foreign players in the PSL final. Administrator Pakistan Super League Najam Sethi while conversing with the media in Lahore affirmed that the final would undoubtedly be held in Lahore on March 5.

“The country has demonstrated its energy and solidarity. The Pakistani country is peaceful and it won’t be blackmailed,” said Sethi, as he reported the PSL final match will be held in Lahore. Seeking after the recovery of cricket in Pakistan, Sethi stated, “Ideally, after the success of PSL 2017, we will make an impression on the world and cricket will return to its home. Cricket is the pulse of the Pakistani country.”



“We need to hold up until March 3 to know which outside players will go to Lahore, as despite everything we don’t know which two teams will qualify,” he said talking in regards to the support of foreign players in the final. “We have officially addressed every single foreign player. I will go back to Dubai to talk about the PSL final. InshALLAH, foreign players will come,” he included.


What Najam Sethi Has To Say About Foreign Players participation

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