No Friend Of Amir Zaki Was Seen At His Death

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Karachi: The popular singer Ali Haider denies the allegation of absence at the demise of legendary artist of Pakistan Amir Zaki.It was his response for the video recording done by the tv host Waqar Zika criticizing the stars for not paying a heed to what Amir Zaki went through.
At the death of Amir Zaki Waqar Zaka visited the Sohrab goth Edhi center’s Morgue where Amir Zaki’s body was kept he narrated that the stars should visit the morgue to see how the body of Amir Zaki was kept. Waqar Zaka has criticized Ali Haider, Hadiqua Kayani and Ahmed Jahanzeb who used to be with Amir Zaki and just disappeared at his death. Ali Haider denying his allegations said that he was In América for last two years and Hadiqua Kayani was in Lahore but he himself was in Karachi and why did he not do anything for Amir.


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