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Federal government has announced the Eid holidays; it is now authorized to say that the banks will be remaining closed for 5 sequential days. As the Eid holidays are announced from Monday 26th- 28th June. And we know that banks remain close on weekends. So the days behind Monday are Sunday 25th June and Saturday 24th June. Thus there are on the whole 5 days on which banks remain closed. So it is requested that all citizens must carry out all needed transactions as well as other businesses before the weekend come so that any trouble can be avoided.


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It would be judicious not be dependent on the ATMs during this time period as it can be the possibility that the machines run out of cash sooner and are not to be re-filled. This leaves residents cash-less and they will be return home empty-handed. Though, banks have confirmed that the ATMs will be refilled at the regular intervals during the leave time period.

As the Eid holidays are approaching in, the desire for money intensifies because of sharing of Eidi among children as well as adults. So you have to be planned your holidays accordingly.


Banks To Remain Close For 5 Consecutive Days

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