Nine Magical Beauty Hacks of Lemon

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Although lemons are small but they are warehouses of fundamental minerals that are very important and beneficial for human body and they are also use for beauty treatments. From the pulp of lemon to its peel everything is full of nutrients. The basic vitamin that is found in heavy quantity in lemon is vitamin C as well as purely free from cholesterol and fats; in fact it helps in reducing excessive fat. When we talk about beauty and effectiveness, even the most amazing man-made products cannot beat the effectiveness of lemon. So here are 8 lemon beauty hacks that will help you beautify your skin and provide natural glow.

The lemon is especially highly recommendable for oily skin. It promotes the elimination of excess fat and improves the appearance of the skin significantly.  The application should always be done before going to bed, because applying lemon and exposure to the sun can lead to skin spots. Simply squeeze a lemon and apply the juice daily directly with cotton or a cloth on the facial skin.

For Acne and Scars

Acne and acne scars really ruin a beautiful face and make it look less appealing. Some of the acne scars are very stubborn and do not go easily no matter what cream you try. Since lemon has natural beaching element. Rubbing a quarter lemon on acne scars for five minute once a day will help you get rid of Acne scars easily in no time. This is natural remedy and much better than any artificial and full of chemicals creams. Moreover, lemon cut off excessive oil and dirt from your face and helps you provide clear skin and stop acne.



Nine Magical Beauty Hacks of Lemon

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