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Nowadays, the problem of the cardiovascular system is one of the most important in the whole world. The number of heart diseases increases every year. And sadly, such diseases are becoming “younger”. Despite this, there are many ways to avoid it. And first of all, you must adhere to the right way of life. Scientists have named a number of useful habits in order to maintain a healthy heart and prolong your life. (This article is taken from

1. Stop Smoking

There can be no doubt. You have to avoid what can kill you. Smoking is an insidious and dangerous habit. First of all, smoking causes great damage to the heart and blood vessels. After one smoked cigarette, blood pressure rises and the risk of thrombus formation and blockage of arteries increases. Narrowing of blood vessels during smoking causes oxygen starvation – hypoxia. Those, who like to smoke a few cigarettes a day, have the risk of a stroke and a heart attack. And nicotine, contained in cigarettes, accumulates and settles in lungs.

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7 Useful Tips for a Healthy Lifestyle

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