Views of Shahrukh Khan’s “Mannat” House

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Home is the place where there is love. But the money garnishes the home to a better level, making it look instead of comfortable home to a grand castle straight from heaven. But behind every home, there are a few major people involved that work day in and day out for making great greater.

Shahrukh Khan rules Bollywood for more than two decades and since the time he gained fame and money he built “Mannat”. It is the place where his crazy followers gather and wait all day and sometimes night to get a glance of the star.

People invest there time and energy to get exterior view of the home, but we will show you interior for FREE.

But lets start from Exterior first.

The Look And Layout of King Khan’s Mannat

Exterior view

Picture Courtesy: Bollywood Galaxy


Views of Shahrukh Khan’s “Mannat” House

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