Motivation That You Get From DEAR ZINDAGI Film

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It is a great thing that movies are turning into a motivational medium. After all the movies shape our perception and give us an influential food of thought. “Dear Zindagi” was the most awaited movie because of star factor involvement and also it was expected to be something new. While watching it one feel that Shahrukh Khan has done justice to the role of psychologist. Though there are many points on which a real psychologist might not agree, yet the audience in general get alot of motivation. And great thing is that the subject (the client/ patient) Alia Bhatt talks motivation too

DISCLAIMER: You might find it a Hindi version of Tony Robbin, Zig Ziglar, Stephen Covey or anyone else work, but it looks good in mother tongue


Picture Courtesy: Scoop Whoop


Motivation That You Get From DEAR ZINDAGI Film

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