15 Must Visit Places of Pakistan in October & November

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Usually whenever anyone thinks about Pakistan the first thing comes in mind is target killing, load shedding, poverty, extremism, corruption and terrorism however in spite of all these major problems, we vastly love our country and its natural beauty. Pakistan has some of the places that are literally heaven on earth that we almost forgot all these beautiful landscape in all the chaos that our politicians strangle us with.

These breathtaking amusing landscapes make anyone fall in love with which is nothing less than a view of Switzerland. If you are planning a tour or a foreign tourist and fond of travelling you must check out these places to visit in coming months. These are some of the best and out of this world spots to visit to make your experience indeed an unforgettable one!

Shangrila resort, Skardu

2Shangrila resort, Skardu- vdos.tv


15 Must Visit Places of Pakistan in October & November

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