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The topic of News eye with Meher Abbasi on Dawn News on 10th of May 2016 was about The son of Zardari and leader of PPP Bilwal Bhutto jalsa against Prime minister nawaz sharif in Kashmir. The well known and active politician Yousif Raza gilani's son Ali Gilani is just recovered from Afghanistan in a [...]
The host of the show is tremedrous journalist and anchor person Mehar Abbasi. The talk show News eye with Mahar Abbasi on air from Duniya News and the topic of the show that 2nd May 2016 covers many news including Abattabad operation and commission on abattabad operation, all opposition parties are not united on PM [...]
News Eye with  Meher Abbasi is the political discussion platform that unite different personalities from different background at single place and ask them to converse about the related topic. Mehar Abbasi with her scorching question and confident communication style make the invited prominent personalities totally speechless./ The latest episode of 27th April 2016 discusses the [...]
News Eye with Meher Abbasi is the political-based discussion program that broadcast on Dawn News television. The main purpose of the program is to reveal the hidden truth covered by powerful and corrupt politician to hide their illegal activities. Meher Abbasi has proved herself as the most confident and talented anchorperson of the journalism industry. [...]

News Eye With Meher Abbasi - Discuss in Current Affairs

News Eye has been hosted by Meher Abbasi, discussing current affairs. It provides a 360-degree view of different stories and invites people having authority to discuss a point of views. The national and international developments are best discussed with in-depth research and analysis to support. The authoritative style of the host makes viewers listen to her seriously. Meher Abbasi also stands in the league of the women who have the guts to discuss serious political issues quite well. News eye with Meher Abbasi is the socio-political talk show, which involves diverse individuals of legislation department and members of political parties of the country.


This show has increased the involvement and knowledge of female viewers among the political subjects. Confidence and convincing attitude of Meher Abbasi are the prominent tools - enhancing the show's popularity and reputation. Previously, Meher Bukhari has a given her journalism services to Sama and Dunya television but later on, switched to Dawn News that improved her career, profession, and success of an analytic show. News eye with Meher Bukhari introduces the quality-based information, and evidence because she doesn't settle for less than perfection.  According to Meher Abbasi being women could not stop you from getting fame or recognition, he stresses that women have more potential than males they just need to realize faith and confidence in oneself.

News eye with Meher Abbasi depicts an ideal representation of beauty with brains - encouraging the future population of females to get recognition in social media. The program does not only invites the political or governmental characters but also encourage the opinions of famous anchorpersons, columnist, and political analyst to get the better insight awareness of the critical issues. Recently, her one-hour program on Paris Attack grasped the attention of a larger number of viewers on a national and international level.